Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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Analog sensor can be used widely.
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Energy saving sensor which utilizes gravity
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Analog sensor

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We won the special prize of 2004
Tokyo venture technology award in 2004

Product date sheet download

On this page, you can download the datasheet of each product.

Normally opened type

1.Tilt sensor (horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)    KOF203-30S   KOF203-30D
2.Tilt sensor(horizontally 360-degree tilt and vibration detection)    KOF530-20S   KOF530-20D
3. Tilt sensor (1 direction tilt detection)    K300

Normally closed type

4.Tilt sensor(horizontally 360-degree tilt detection) KON204-80S KON204-80D
5. Tilt sensor(1 axis 2 directions tilt, horizontally 360-degree tilt and vibration detection)    KSN530-20S KSN530-20D
6. Vibration sensor (3 axes high sensitive vibration detection)    MN530-02S  CMN200

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