Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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5. Tilt sensor(1 axis 2 directions tilt, horizontally 360-degree tilt and vibration detection)

KSN530-20S、KSN530-20D (Normally closed type)

It is tilt detection sensor when gilt ball between electrode A and B has tilt to the certain angle appointed in advance, it turns OFF, and it turns ON when it backs to level. It is 1 axis 2 direction tilt, vibration detection sensor with φ 5.3mm x 5.3mm column type

-Patent applied-
-Design resignation applied-
 Model KSN530-20S、KSN530-20D
Operation detection angle 20 degree
Contact point capacity DC6V. 1μA~10mA
Using temperature range -30~80℃
Durability XY axes Vibrate more than 100,000 times
Airtight Waterproofing protection level Level5
Feature ●Gilt ball contact method
●Using no pollution material
●Mounting to board OK
●Automatic recovery to level
●Free design for tilt angle
Purpose Detection of length and width of the screen

You can see operating demonstration of KSN530-20S (installation example to horizontal board) by movie.
Product size Φ 5.3mm x5.5mm
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Purpose Acceleration detection It detects horizontal movement and acceleration of the product. It is used as safety sensor of home electric appliances, and automatic lighting for bicycles.
Detection of length and width It can detect 1 axis 2 direction tilt and length and width of the camera.
Attitude detection Attitude detection of wall hangings-type alarm.




Analog sensor (normally closed type) list

Tilt sensor (horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KON204-80S / KON204-80D
傾斜センサー(アナログセンサ デバイス)
Tilt sensor (1 axis 2 directions tilt detection)

model:KSN530-20S / KSN530-20D
傾斜センサー(アナログセンサ デバイス)
Tilt sensor (3 axises high sensitive vibration detection)

purpose purpose purpose
Industrial remote-control control panel Acceleration detection Power saving sensor for key less entry
Fall detection Length and width detection for camera Automatic lighting for bicycle
  Attitude detection for wall hanging type alarm Safety confirmation for the guard

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