Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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6. Vibration sensor (3 axes high sensitive vibration detection) example for use

Vibration sensor (3 axes high sensitive vibration detection) specification Click here   for example use of vibration sensor (3 axes high sensitive vibration detection)

Model:MN530-02S (3axes)  Function:Automatic lighting for bicycle light

It automatically turns on the light of the bicycle in the night(*1) only when detecting vibration of the bicycle. It is not necessary turn on and off the switch of the light. When you ride with your child or with baggage, it is very convenient.
* 1: The light and shade detects by photo IC.

At standstill in the night
At vibrate in the night
At vibrate in the night
Operation in the sensor
Trigger method
Electrodes always conducts through two conductive balls. After detecting darkness by photo IC and conductive ball detects vibration and works and starts to chatter to repeat ON/OFF. It detects brightness by photo IC. Conductive ball detects vibration and repeats move with ON/OFF, and start to chatter but do not turn on the light because it is controlled by photo IC.

Model:MN530-02S(3axes) Function:Automatic switch ON/OFF and battery power saving of the wireless key

Door opening and shutting system with the key less entry system
This system enables to lock and unlock the door with wireless key (remote control) without using key. For example, you do not have to look for the key which you hold shopping bag in your both hands, and opening and shutting the door becomes automatic. It is convenient for you.

As electric waves are always sent from doorknob, you may put the key on the top of the shoes box in the entrance. If it is with semi active tag method, the wireless key catches the electric wave from the transmitter in the doorknob and continue to send electric wave to the wireless receiver so consumes battery a lot.

Receiving the electric wave from transmitter on the doorknob side only when vibration sensor loaded in the wireless key with active tag method vibrates, and when wireless key is on the shoes boxes but does not vibrate, it does not send electric wave to wireless receiver even if receive electric wave from doorknob side transmitter. And as a result, battery lasts long. Of course vibration sensor works when you have wireless key and sends information to wireless receiver within communication area. The vibration sensor provides such usage and offer the saving way of the battery.

Using sensor

Vibration sensor

Vibration sensor (3 axes high sensitive vibration detection)
model: MN530-02S
purpose: For the trigger of the IC tag action switch For power saving of portable devices
-Patent applied- -Design resignation applied-

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