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G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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We won the special prize of 2004
Tokyo venture technology award in 2004

7.CMN200(Omnidirectional vibration sensor)

CMN200(Normally closed type)

※This data sheet is subject to change without notice.


- Innovative sensor utilizing a new manufacturing   technology.
- Save energy and extend battery life

-Key Features:

- This sensor device quickly detects vibration and motion   from all directions.
- Sensing with high sensitivity
- Highly reliable performance with multilayer ceramic
- Easy circuit design
- Ultra low power consumption
- AEC-200 compliant / RoHS compliant
- Reflow compatible (Pb free)

-Applications and Use case:

Static motion detection switch (power saving of wireless communication equipment)
- Wearable equipment
- Iot equipment
- Active type IC tag
- Smart key
- Anti-theft device

-Equivalent circuit

-Electrode (Terminal) function

No Electrode Function
1 A -Switch of A contact
-Pin#1 & Pin#3 are connected inside
2 B -Switch of B contact
-Pin#2 & Pin#4 are connected inside


Parameter Symbol Rating unit
Electrode Voltage Vdd ≦6 V
Electrode Current Idd (0.01) *1〜 100 µA
*1()Values are reference values of evaluation range


Parameter Condition NIN. TYP. MAX. unit
sensitivity*1 10Hz (0.1)*2 0.5 (2) *2 G
0.5G (5) *2 10 (50) *2 Hz
Resistance Closed - - 100 Ω
Open 100M - -
Contact resistance 100 - 100M
*1 Evaluation condition : Ambient temperature 20〜25℃, VDD=3V
*2 ( ) Values are reference values of evaluation range


Item Description
Contact material Electrode A/B : Fe-Ni-Co alloy
Conductive ball : SUS304
Electrode/Conductive ball Gold plate
Case material Alumina ceramic
Gas inclusion Inert gas

-External Dimensions

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the use of any circuits described herein.
Conveys no license under any patent or other rights and makes no representations whether the circuits are free from patent infringement or not.

-Recommended soldering conditions

Temperature Profile
for reference

-Packing Specifications

Packaging Minimum Quantity:1,000pcs/reel

-Storage condition

Temperature : +5〜40℃
Humidity : 20〜70% RH


Item Conditions
Temperature range -40〜125℃
Humidity range 20〜85% RH
Vibration durability 50Hz, 1G, ≧300M
ESD(HBM) Pass Voltage(±V):2000 V
ESD(CDM) Pass Voltage(±V):500 V
Impact resistance 1,500G, 6direction, 3 times each


Please contact us for details on the AEC-Q 200 test items

【Caution on handling
・Please refrain from using this board and installing in other devices in the environment   where ultrasound, static electricity and magnetic force may influence.
・Please do not use if failure or malfunction is likely to harm human body directly.
・For questions, please contact G-DEVICE Corp.
・Contact information : web@catch-sensor.co.jp

-Application Circuit Example

We are not responsible for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties arising from the use of information in this material or by use.

Our product which is"1.5mm corner tip ultra small multi direction tilt detection sensor" won the special prize of the Tokyo venture technology grand prix in 2004 and was commended by Ishihara Tokyo Governor in commendation ceremony of "Tokyo industry exhibition 2004" conducted on October 22, 2004.


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