Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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Analog sensor can be used widely.
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We won the special prize of 2004
Tokyo venture technology award in 2004

Tilt, vibration sensor device list

We have been producing and selling analog sensors (catch sensor R) which detects "movement" of the object (including person, bicycle, car, vending machine, and machinery) and operates power supply ON/OFF action by the electrical output automatically since establishment for 16 years. We cooperate with one of Japan's most famous precision machine maker having knowledge for technology.
What is analog sensor?  →Example for use.

Tilt sensor, vibration sensor, analog sensor list

Normally opened type

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor
(horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KOF203-30S / KOF203-30D
Purpose: Burglar proof for vending machine, security camera angle change detection

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor
(horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KOF530-20S / KOF530-20D
Purpose: Impact detection

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor
(one direction tilt detection)

Purpose: Lighting back light of liquid crystalline clock, robot attitude control


Normally closed type

Tilt sensor
(horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KON204-80S / KON204-80D
Purpose: Industrial remote-control automatic power switch

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor
(1 axis 2 directions tilt detection)

model:KSN530-20S / KSN530-20D
Purpose: Length and width detection

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor
(3 axes high sensitive vibration detection)

Purpose: Trigger for IC tag operation switch, Power saving for portable device

Tilt sensor

Vibration sensor
(Omnidirectional vibration sensor)

Purpose: Battery saving of IoT products,Vibration detection

About action for European RoHS

G-DEVICE makes environmental issue as important theme. We adopt self-imposed control for chemical substance positively and deal with environmental regulation in Europe. In addition, we supply the product corresponding to European RoHS directive to control the component of specified substances.

European RoHS directive It means direction "prohibiting use of specified hazardous substance in electric equipment" in Europ.
This direction prohibits to contain more than maximum capacity lead, mercury, cadmium, sexivalent chrome, PBB, PBDE in the product except regulation exclusion.
Compatible to European RoHS directive means that we obey the direction mentioned above.

Reliability of G-DEVICE product

Reliability 1
G-DEVICE products are tilt, vibration, impact sensors of ball contact type. When two electrodes and conductive ball contact in the product, it outputs electrically and sensing tilt, vibration and impact. The structure which moderates impact to conductive ball can endure long-term vibration and removes cause of problem.

Reliability 2
The conductive ball which is contacts materials is not general ball bearing. Being magnetic may occur malfunction. G-DEVICE product uses the materials of conductive ball which is not magnetic.

Reliability 3
Conductive ball may change by size and mass in rolling and contact point. By preventing the change of roundness of materials and sphere by plating, we reduce the difference (scattering of performance) of the sensor.

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