Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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Analog sensor can be used widely.
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Energy saving sensor which utilizes gravity
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Analog sensor

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We won the special prize of 2004
Tokyo venture technology award in 2004

Sensors almost do not necessary electric power! What is energy saving sensor?

Sensors almost do not necessary electric power! What is energy saving sensor? G-DEVICE produces and sells sensors (catch sensor R) which detects "movement" of the object (including person, bicycle, car, vending machine, and the machinery) and operates pow

Catch sensor operates ON and OFF output by movement of the conductive ball in the case.

  • Plating electrode and conductive ball and improve conductivity and prevent to corrode.
  • Making use of the globe shape of conductive ball and detects slight external stress or sensitive movement and operates ON and OFF.
  • We realized downsizing and sensor

It is catch sensor which has performance and environmental performance such as tilt and vibration sensor.

Tilt sensor can detect tilt and vibration for 360-degree multi direction by some kind of external stress more than tilt angle that set beforehand, and automatically operate ON/OFF of various devices. It is used widely from inspection in production line to burglar proof for vending machines.

Vibration sensordetects the minute movement in multi direction by external stress, and operates ON/OFF of the switch of various devices. It is available for many uses as the size is just several mm.

G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.

We make"safe and secure" as our motto, and deal with "ON/OFF automation of the power supply" as corporate theme in future. For example

1) In the case of detecting an earthquake, inform you automatically.
2) In the case the product is moved, inform you automatically.
3) In the case the product has tilt more than certain angle, inform you automatically.
4) In the case the product vibrates more than certain vibration, inform you automatically. etc
Our sensor informs you that person does not notice. We are convinced that you will be satisfied if you have our product.

Features of catch sensor
1) Sensors almost do not necessary electric power
2) Small size, light weight
3) Free design for tilt angle(available for customize)
4) Available for small quantity and many kinds 5) RoHS compatible

Difference of analog sensor and digital sensor

Analog sensor and digital sensor has different features. More merit will be appeared if combining both sensors.

Our catch sensor/analoG-DEVICE
Capacitance acceleration sensor / electronic device
The person in charge of development, design, plan in the company
Basing on the fixed threshold (for example tilt angle, having vibration or not), turn on and off the power supply of the product. Measuring displacement linearly and record and manage.
Metal (electrode, conductive ball) Silicon and glass
Detection method
Tilt, vibration, impact with contact type(when two electrodes and conductive ball contact in the product, it outputs electrically and sensing tilt, vibration and impact. Sensing by electric capacity change between the moving part and the fixed part of the sensor element.
high high
Detection area
It judges specific detection angle and if having vibration or not. Tilt, movement, vibration, impact, and gravity
Energy saving
Leaking current on OFF mode: More than 1μA, less than 100μA, ON mode: More than 1μA, less than 100μA You can find low consumption electric current type (OFF mode: 0.4μA, ON mode: 2 μA) but generally needs electric current with dozens of μA - 200 micros.
・ The mechanical sensor which assumed conductive ball as contact materials
・ Trigger sensor which judges 0/1 or ON/OFF
・ In order to make sensor work, it is unnecessary or necessary little electric power,so it is possible to use long term
・ There are capacitance-type / piezoresistance type.
・ Output tilt angle, value of acceleration.
・ In order to make sensor work, it is necessary to check displacement every several seconds. In this case as it is necessary around 100 μA electric output, it is not suitable for long-term use.
・ It needs only 2 lines.
・ As complicated digital analog circuit is unnecessary, it is easy to introduce.
・ It needs more than 3 lines. (Amplifier is necessary)
・ Complicated digital analog circuit is necessary.
RoHS compatible
All RoHS compatible Depends each products

(Example of use)

・ Car, bicycle, motorboat, security quipment, active model RFID tag, projector, vending machine, cash box, doorbell of the fast food shop, watch, domestic animal (cow, horse, pig, sheep), guard, the earth and sand, snowslip warninG-DEVICE, electric fishing tackle, shutter, automatic drill machine etc.

・ Portable game console, digital, one eye camera, cell-phone, smart phone, robot attitude control, car navigation system, racing car, airplane, motorboat, NASA and others

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