Japanese | EnglishG-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
G-DEVICE can do ON/OFF automation of the power supply.
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Tip-type 3 axes high sensitive vibration sensor Introduction example for sensor
Difference with digital sensor
All RoHS compatible
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What is energy saving sensor that utilizes gravity? Energy saving sensor. Feel free to contact us about inquiry.

Analog sensor can be used widely.
Movie channel   Analog sensor movie demonstration
Energy saving sensor which utilizes gravity
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Analog sensor

Introduction example

We won the special prize of 2004
Tokyo venture technology award in 2004
As for ON/OFF automation of the power supply, G-DEVICE can do.

1) Sensors almost do not necessary electric power
2) Small size, light weight
3) Free design for tilt angle(available for customize)
4) Available for small quantity and many kinds
5) RoHS compatible
Do you know analog sensor?
We produce and sell sensors for RFID(catch sensor R) which detects "movement" of the object (including person, bicycle, car, vending machine, and machinery) and operates power supply ON/OFF action by the electrical output automa

Power to the sensor is able to increase the battery life for most needed.
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energy-saving sensors

● Tilt sensor can detect tilt and vibration to 360-degree multi direction by some kind of external stress more than tilt angle that set beforehand, and automatically operate ON/OFF of various devices. It is used widely from inspection in production line t。

● Vibration sensor can detect the minute movement in multi direction by external stress, and operates ON/OFF of the switch of various devices. It is available for many uses as the size is around 5 mm.

Analog sensor (normally opened type) list

Tilt sensor
Tilt sensor (horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KOF203-30S / KOF203-30D
Tilt sensor
Tilt sensor (horizontally 360-degree tilt detection )

Tilt sensor
Tilt sensor (1 direction tilt detection)

purpose purpose purpose
Burglar proof for vending machines Power saving sensor Automatic lighting for digital watch
Burglar proof for cash box, art object etc Attitude detection sensor For car remote control starter
    Attitude detection for toy robot

Analog sensor (normally closed type) list

Tilt sensor (horizontally 360-degree tilt detection)

model:KON204-80S / KON204-80D
Tilt sensors Zero power/Lowpower
Tilt sensor (1 axis 2 directions tilt detection)

model:KSN530-20S / KSN530-20D
Tilt sensors Zero power/Lowpower
Tilt sensor (3 axises high sensitive vibration detection)

purpose purpose purpose
Industrial remote-control control panel Acceleration detection Power saving sensor for key less entry
Fall detection Length and width detection for camera Automatic lighting for bicycle
  Attitude detection for wall hanging type alarm Safety confirmation for the guard

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